Jdash Top 20 College Football Traditions

These are the what I think are the Top 20 Traditions in Football. Unlike other polls, these are in any order but are placed 1-20 in this post.    Please commit or share what your Top Traditions are in College Football

1. Ohio State ” Script Ohio”

2. Army vs Navy

3. Alabama “Rammer Jammer”

4.  Iowa “The Wave”

5. Florida State ” Warchant”

6. Virginia Tech ” Enter Sandman”

7. Auburn ” War Eagle”


8. Clemson “The Hill”

9.  Notre Dame – “Fight Song”

10. Miami  ”

11.   South Carolina.    “Sandstorm”

12. Penn State “We Are Penn State”

13. Wisconsin “Jump Around”

14. Tennessee “Rocky Top”

15. West Virginia “County Road”

16. Michigan ”

17.  LSU “Neck”

18. Texas A&M  “Hymm”

19. Florida ” We are the boys of Ol Florida”

20. USC  “Pregame Stab & Entrance”


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