City of Oakland avoiding true reasons!

The City of Oakland made an interesting decision on a potential XFL franchise. Before we start,  we know as citizens, that every city around the nation has a political or financial agenda for there community. Some of these cities will flat out and say “No” to an organization looking to start a business there city, then it is followed by a reasonable reason why?  With the recent announcement by the City of Oakland on an XFL franchise, is quite interesting. So I began to dig up some reasons why the City of Oakland has zero interest in the XFL. Well, it might be financial reasons, or is it political, because the City Council “Non-reasonable statement” is mind boggling.

As reported in 2016 by multiple sports websites. Both the Golden State Warriors and Oakland Raiders are leaving the city. Yes, Golden State is relocating to a new arena across the bay, which is located in San Francisco, but the Raiders, an NFL franchises, are headed to Las Vegas. Via, the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, which host all three professional teams, had projected revenue of  860 million dollars in 2017. Via the same site, the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum will lose 600 million dollars over the next two years, then 650 million by 2020.

“There just isn’t any way we are going to be an impediment or obstacle to the A’s.” –

Yes, the Oakland Athletics will remain in the Coliseum, but unlike the Raiders. The Athletics, on the other hand, are lacking the revenue that the stadium desperately needs, which will  add to the financial problem once the Raiders depart for Las Vegas.

Reported this past January by  “There will be a additional 74 million debt on top of the annual 17 million from Athletics operations in the Coliseum after Raiders depart.”

The average debt for an Oakland Athletics season is around 17 million dollars a year, this debt is usually paid off by the Raiders revenue. With the Warriors leaving in 2019 for San Francisco, the Oakland-Alameda County Complex will lose an additional 300 million, which will add even more debt. Having no interest in the XFL team, and the possible revenue that can come from it, is odd. So when The City of Oakland also states “risk of growing grass to MLB standers” is the primary reason for not seeking XFL team is……


Remember this for reference. The Oakland Athletes and the Raiders, heaved shared the same stadium for the last for 23 years! 

For Example! Yankee Stadium currently has two professional teams calling the grounds home, the Yankees, and New York City FC.  Yankee stadium is shared by these two teams for ninety present of the stadium operation for the year. So the “growing of grass” at Yankee Stadium is not the issue. So I wonder what is the main reason for this statement?   Is it the knowledge and understanding of money use that the City of Oakland don’t understand. Or is there a even deeper issue that is stopping the pursuit to a XFL team.

You kind of think that adding a new football franchise will at least help at least with the cost of the Coliseum. Unfortunately, the annoyance City Councilmen statement like “Must keep grass to MLB Standers”. Can be translated by me as  “We do not want nothing to do with you, and your league, because we don’t like who you represent.”

If my translation is correct, well Good job Oakland! You just pissed off some of your most loyal fans. Without showing some interest in an XFL franchise to your city raises questions outside of the financial reasons. Seeing that the city and it’s fans are about to lose an NFL team, and your political stance on the XFL, is hostility quite disrespectful to the fans of the region.  Basically, your pouting like a little child because of the Raiders! Maybe, if the lazy City Council pass a few bills a few years pack, both the Warriors and Raiders will still be calling Oakland home.

So, don’t give me this “Must keep the grass to MLB Standers -bull” as a reason for not having interest in the XFL. This is more of a political move in my view, and the “not so offensive approach.” The real fans, or even the people that work in the industry, like myself, know the true reasons. It’s not about the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, or the Warriors heading across the Bay, its not the loss of 610 million in revenue over the next three years. It comes down to one reason. The City of Oakland said “NO” to XFL due to, in my opinion, McMahon views on NFL the protest or even his relationship with the President.

Let’s just hope we have some cities that can over look the political spectrum and think about the people.  If future cities use the current political spectrum/ narrative to  determine if they want an XFL team. Then the next two years is going to be interesting to see what city will take the first gamble.


More in-depth on this blog on this weeks  XFPodcast!



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