Serious Problem in Gator Nation Part 1:

Since the hiring of Dan Mullen back in November. The Gator Nation believed that they were indeed poised to make a quick return back to their glory days. Unfortunately for the Gators, these past six months have been entirely forgettable. If any Gator fan tells you otherwise, they’re most likely that fan, still living back in the 2000’s when Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow dawned the Orange and Blue.

Over the last six months, the Florida Gators  have been getting crushed on the recruiting trail. Currently ranked 34th in the nation via and 37th by Rivals. Behind “powerhouses” like Wake Forest, Duke, and Purdue. According to, the Gators de-commitments list will rank higher than it’s current committed class. That occurs when Mullen and the Florida Recruiting staff miss out on top targeted prospects that have gone on to commit to  Georgia, Ole Miss, Florida State, LSU, and Louisiana Lafayette

Yes, you read that correctly! The University of Florida is losing recruiting battles to Louisiana Lafayette . Yes, I know it’s hard to predict where an 18-year-old student will commit, but when its Florida verse Louisiana Layaffee in recruiting. Ninety present of the time, that high school athlete will commit to the bigger school from the SEC over a Mid Major SunBelt school.

Or is this the beginning of a new generation of player that has no recollection of the glory years of the Florida Gators.  Former Head Coach James McElwain stated, “that the logo on the shirt will sell a recruit on Florida.” Majority of the recruits entering the 2019 recruiting season, were only seven to nine years old when the Gators won their last National Championship. Those same recruits were five to seven years old when Florida won back in 2006. Yes, winning football games does help convince a student-athlete to attend a school, but with recent efforts. The Logo on the Shirt, won’t satisfy this generation athlete like it did ten to fifty years ago.

The Problem is deeper than you think! Since 2008, University of Florida has suffered two losing seasons, a (2-7) record verse archrival Florida State, zero SEC titles, and witnessing division foe Georiga surpassing them in SEC in all categories. It also doesn’t help when you lose to a 1-AA school in Georgia Southern, which I may add, beat Florida without completing a pass. The reputation of Gator nation at this is the point is more of an overshadowing effort to cover up a lost decade. Unlike Florida State and Miami lost decades, Florida now has to compete with Alabama, Georgia, FSU and Miami on the recruiting trail. I do admit, Florida does have some damn good programs like Baseball, Softball, and Basketball, but the Football program is falling behind local rivals quickly.

Mark Richt in Miami, Willie Taggert at Florida State and Kirby Smart of Georgia are solidifying recruiting territories in the state of Florida which Dan Mullen and the Gators can’t perpetrate. Recruiting is enormous if you want to contend in the SEC, or any Power Five Conference, but with approachable, likable, coaches in Richt, Taggart, and Smart at rival schools. Dan Mullen is already behind the eight ball to these recruits!  In the recruiting landscape of College Football, if a team is behind the eight ball at this stage of the game, the chances of them rebounding a slim to none. So if your a Gator fan, the 2018 Off-season which was supposed to be the beginning of a new Era. Seems to be a continuation of good old Mr. Shark Jim McElwain.

Past Recruiting Rankings of Florida(via ………more long years to come!

2015 Florida 21st          FSU 3rd           Georgia 6th
2016 Florida 12th         FSU 3rd           Georgia 6th
2017 Florida 11th          FSU 6th           Georgia 3rd
2018 Florida 15th          FSU 11th         Georgia 1st

Current Recruiting Rankings
2019 Florida 34th          FSU 12th         Georgia 3rd

Over the last three years, Florida has been getting crushed by local rivals.
Serious Problems In Gator Nation Part 2: will be released Saturday.



By Jdash   (XFL, WWE, College Football Bloger)

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