Is the CFP Committee anti Non-Power Five ?

The College Football Playoff system is a joke to the game of football. It started with the BCS system, and now the College Football Playoff Selection Committee. Over the last two decades we have classified Power Five conferences schools and Non-Power Five conferences schools based on money, popularity, and long sustain tradition. The CFP committee job was to be able to make all 130 schools in the FBS to be competitive and capable of making it into the College Football playoff. Unfortunately, the College Football committee has already eliminated sixty-eight teams form Non-Power conferences from the beginning of the season based on past notions that those teams are not capable of contending for a title.  Which is a complete crap job by ESPN, and the Commissioners of  the Power Five Conferences. This in turn has given the Selection Committee all the power in College Football. Thus I say the Selection Committee is the main reason why this system is a joke! Yes, the highest-ranked Non-Power Five school does receive a bid into a New Year Six Bowl Game at season end, but if these teams have a chance to be apart of the playoff. They need to be allowed to compete for a National Championship!

For instance, University Central Florida, which went unbeaten in 2017. Can’t get a sniff of the playoffs or be considered to participate in it after going unbeaten is insane. So why do we play the games then?

“CFP committee made “a conscious effort” to rank UCF low enough on a weekly basis that it would keep them out of the Playoff”-Tom Schad, USA TODAY

We have a serious problem with the committee members. The committee ranks teams during the season and places them based on many elements. Strength of schedule, wins and loses, and finally and most important secret factor, conference relation. Then they select the teams to make the playoffs at season end. If there minds are already convinced about a Non-Power Five team at the beginning of the season. Why should they even go through the do process on rankings teams outside the Power Five if they (the committee) have already eliminated sixty-eight schools. If schools like Boise State, Northern Illinois, Houston, and UCF, that have a history of being a threat to Power Five school in BCS/ New Year Six Bowl games or finish even finish in Top 5, should be held to higher standard. Like the committee holding every SEC school to a higher stander over every other conference.  The Committee bias is the reason why many schools don’t have a shout, with stupid elements like, “The Eye Test, Game Management, Injured Players, well its the SEC.” Zero schools from Non-Power Five conferences have a chance to compete in this system.

Why are we leaving out the Cinderella factor in College Football? Last season the Chick-Fil-a Peach Bowl, which UCF and Auburn participated in received a 7.1 Nelson rating. That is the highest rated Non-Semifinal Bowl game last year on ESPN Networks. That should tell you one thing, that Americans love an true underdog story. So why do we keep a Cinderella like “UCF or Boise State” out of the Playoffs? One reason, is the fear of putting a traditional football Power Five school against an Non-Power five in a game that can determine a National Champion.

Come on, just think of the story lines that will arise from these type games. David verse Goliath, a Non-Power Five school taking down a Power Five school in the biggest game. It’s not bad for marketing reasons, seeing that the nation prefers to watch an underdog story over a usual contender. This might as well make college football a more competitive attraction for all of it conference. For instance a Week 6 game in the Mountain West Conference between (8-1) Utah State and (9-0) Boise State means just as much as a Alabama verse LSU in the SEC.  What I’ m trying to get at is simple. The College Football Selection Committee is destroying College Football with it’s bias towards the Power Five schools but most importantly the SEC.  We need a true playoff format, something witch there is little to none committee influence on the decision of playoff teams.

List of Now Power Five Schools beating Power Five Schools.  

This is what the Committee Fears!

2006 Boise State (WAC) over Oklahoma (Big 12) Fiesta Bowl
2008 Utah (MWC) over Alabama (SEC) Sugar Bowl
2010 TCU (MWC) over Wisconsin (Big 10) Rose Bowl
2013 UCF (AAC) over Baylor (Big 12) Fiesta Bowl
2014 Boise State (MWC) over Arizona (Pac 12) Fiesta Bowl

New Year Six Era
2015 Houston (AAC) over Florida State (ACC) Peach Bowl
2017 UCF (AAC) over Auburn (SEC) Peach Bowl

by Jdash

Jdash proposal of the New Playoff Formant will be posted soon.

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